Daniel Joseph Petry (born November 13, 1958, in Palo Alto, California) is a former Major League Baseball pitcher for the Detroit Tigers (1979-87 and 1990-91), California Angels (1988-89), Atlanta Braves (1991) and Boston Red Sox (1991).

He helped the Tigers win the 1984 World Series and the 1987 American League Eastern Division and the Braves win the 1991 National League Pennant.

He was elected to the American League All-Star team in 1985.

He finished 9th in voting for the 1982 American League Cy Young Award for having a 15-9 Win-Loss record, 35 Games, 35 Games Started, 8 Complete Games, 1 Shutout, 246 Innings Pitched, 220 Hits Allowed, 98 Runs Allowed, 88 Earned Runs Allowed, 15 Home Runs Allowed, 100 Walks Allowed, 132 Strikeouts, 4 Hit Batsmen, 9 Wild Pitches, 1,031 Batters Faced, 5 Intentional Walks and a 3.22 ERA.

He finished 5th in voting for the 1984 American League Cy Young Award for having a 18-8 Win-Loss record, 35 Games, 35 Games Started, 7 Complete Games, 2 Shutouts, 233 ⅓ Innings Pitched, 231 Hits Allowed, 94 Runs Allowed, 84 Earned Runs Allowed, 21 Home Runs Allowed, 66 Walks Allowed, 144 Strikeouts, 3 Hit Batsmen, 7 Wild Pitches, 968 Batters Faced, 4 Intentional Walks and a 3.24 ERA.

He led the American League in Games Started (38) in 1983.

In 13 years he had a 125-104 Win-Loss record, 370 Games, 300 Games Started, 52 Complete Games, 11 Shutouts, 22 Games Finished, 1 Save, 2,080 ⅓ Innings Pitched, 1,984 Hits Allowed, 1,025 Runs Allowed, 912 Earned Runs Allowed, 218 Home Runs Allowed, 852 Walks Allowed, 1,063 Strikeouts, 47 Hit Batsmen, 77 Wild Pitches, 8,860 Batters Faced, 74 Intentional Walks, 7 Balks and a 3.95 ERA.

His son Jeff, an ice hockey defenseman, was a second-round pick of the Edmonton Oilers. Jeff was named USA Hockey Junior Player of the Year for the 2006-07 season while with the Des Moines Buccaneers and played for Michigan State. He made his NHL debut for the Oilers in December, 2010.

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